L'entrecôte de Paris
Since 1974

Since 1974

A word from the Champvert family

‘With a passion for restaurants that has been handed down from generation to generation, we would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our grandfather for having taken the plunge and allowing us to follow our dreams.
At l’Entrecôte de Paris, our only ambition is to offer genuine, authentic, but above all joyous and generous cuisine.

With our set menu and its legendary sauce, we hope to treat you to a warm experience that immerses you in the atmosphere of family dinners with the Champverts. What could be better than a moment with family, by the fire, alongside beautiful meat and its secret sauce (secret for you but not for us)?

Yes, the famous secret sauce is made solely by members of the Champvert family, quite a responsibility! This restaurant has formed the heart of our family for three generations, and is also our pride and joy.

We hope that you enjoy a wonderful time with us, and our team will do their utmost to ensure that you do! See you soon!’

We do not take reservations.